Situated at the north end of the Manila North Harbor, the key facilities in this terminal are the berth space for ship to shore crane operation, container yard and Operations Center 1 building.

The Operation Center 1 consolidates all shipping lines and the PPA satellite office to give our clients a comfortable and safe area to conveniently process transactions.

The container yard was rehabilitated to fit the growing volume of containerized cargo. Ship to shore cranes and rubber tired gantries are deployed for efficient vessel operation and cargo movement in the container yard. Weigh bridge and truck holding areas are also among the facilities that are within Terminal 1.

                      TERMINAL 2

Located in the south end of Manila North Harbor, Terminal 2 caters to RORO and passenger vessels. A modern passenger terminal complex was constructed in 2013 with facilities to provide passengers comfort at the port during departure and arrival.

This terminal also handles a combination of containerized and breakbulk cargo. For ease of transaction, the Operation Center 2 building was built to house the shipping line operating within the area. Parking, truck holding and weigh bridge areas are located nearby.